Medieval castle

Die Burg Montibella wurde zum Teil aus den Steinen der benachbarten Burgruine errichtet. In den Gewölben und Katakomben der Ruine treibt so manches Gespenst sein Unwesen.

There is a lot to see at the medieval games which take place around the medieval fortress "Montibella", built in the architectural style of Ticino. The lord of the castle and his wife who watch the spectacle from the honorary box have for sure the best view on the incoming knights and their cortege. Besides the contest of the bowmen, there are also knights fighting with lances (called joust) or falconers with different shows. Furthermore, the medieval market with its market stalls offers many reasons to stay.  

The castle ruin nearby with the vault lying underneath is a unicum in the Miniatur Wunderland - it is the only model which has been cast completely from plaster.