The Hammetschwand elevator

Der 1,60 m hohe und komplett aus Messing gefertigte Hammetschwandlift ist der höchste Freiluft-Aufzug Europas. Er befördern bis zu 8 Touristen hinauf zu einer Aussichtsplattform auf dem Pic Enhancri.

The Hammetschwand elevator is the highest exterior elevator of Europe with a height of 153 meters and transports up to 12 persons directly up the Hammetschwand. 

The miniature version in the Miniatur Wunderland isn't inferior in any aspect to the original and has been built with the help of the construction plans of the company Schindler. The 1.60 meters high elevator has been built from brass. In order to ensure the stability of the 2x2 cm profile truss, metal columns have been set into the rock face at intervals of 10 to 15 cm. Moreover, the overall technics of the elevator is located within the mountain. The Wunderland Hammetschwand elevator can transport up to 8 Wunderland tourists to the observation deck.