About Switzerland

Vom Bahnhof St. Platschique hat man einen guten Blick auf das große Viadukt und die Staumauer des Lac sans L'ean.

The Swiss section spreads over two storeys on 250 square meters ( 2 691 sq ft ) and can already now be regarded as the highlight of the entire Wunderland! So far, 4 metric tons of plaster and 15 metric tons of steel have been used to build this section. A roughly 100 square meter ( 1 076 sq ft ) large hole in the ceiling enables the visitor to pass through a mine shaft in the 5,982 mm ( 19.6 feet ) high Matterhorn  and view the miniature landscape from the summit.

Besides the Matterhorn, other highlights include the underground station Porta Alpina, the Glacier Express, the Open-Air festival, and as an extra teaser, the chocolate plant.

The Wunderland Mini-Switzerland represents 3 Swiss regions with their typical buildings and landscapes. The fourth floor, at an altitude of about 4.500 mm ( 14.7 feet ), Graubünden is shown with many regional landmarks and highlights like, for example, St.Max (aka St.Moritz).

The area around the foothills of the Matterhorn is built after the Wallis region. Most certainly one of the most striking Swiss regions.

And in the very far south of the Wunderland, "bella Italia" can be anticipated. The Ticino is packed with highlights. Apart from a huge Open-Air concert underneath a medievial fortress, medievial knight games, a failed bank robbery, and much, much more.

If you want to know more about the regions that served as our prototypes, you may find useful information on the following pages: