Castle Fire

Brand auf Schloss Löwenstein

The Castle Löwenstein is located high above the city of Knuffingen. This building of the Neorenaissance time period is a product of our fantasy.

Several parts from the Vollmer kit “Baden Baden“ compose the basic structure. However, the castle’s garden is derived from a different epoch. Different baroque gardens were taken as examples.

The Castle Löwenstein is one of the most magnificent constructions in the Wunderland. Therefore, the recent series of fire is extremely alarming. Arsonists have apparently focussed on this splendid building.

Several times per hour the castle bursts into flames on account of the criminal work of an arsonist. Due to the excellent work of Knuffingen’s fire department, there haven’t been any severe damages to the castle yet. So far, every fire engine made it to the top of the catle hill in time, even the historical fire engine from the 70s.

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