The Open-air Theater

Rolling trains are one thing, of course, in the modelling world. Moving, braking and indicating cars as well as ships crossing the sea are a sensation for laymen and experts alike in the Miniatur Wunderland.

Even figures have learned how to walk and the Wunderland’s precision mechanics are always working hard in order to develop more sensational features. In very little physical space there is a high volume of wheels, small levers, small motors and other equipment which make the men and women move on the surface in the open-air theatre.

The open-air theatre is a cultural must for everybody of Wunderland’s educated inhabitants. After the applause has calmed down, the sound of the instruments in the orchestra pit can be heard and shortly afterwards the floodlit curtains are drawn open.

Romeo appears twinkle-toed and swinging around himself on the stage. He attracts his worshipped Juliet with his lovely singing from her rooms. Without hesitation Juliet hurries on the balcony, but – oh – her dreamy lover came without a ladder. All he can do now is look longingly upwards to his Juliet before his way leads him back into loneliness.

The applause of the audience lasts for a long while before the curtains draw and the guests go home deeply moved from their theatre experience.

Photos of the Harz section

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