Hermann Monument

Blick auf das Hermannsdenkmal

Just like the real monument of Hermann, the Cheruskan, in the Teutoburg Forest, the Wunderland’s Hermann monumentl is historically not at the correct place.

Meanwhile, experts are of the opinion that the battle of Varus has never taken place in the Teutoburger Forest but in the Kalkriser Berg near Bramsche in Lower Saxony. We stuck to the federal state’s version of this story and built the monument in the Western Harz in Lower Saxony.

The monument has been built from laborious handwork high above the open-air theatre. The top of the sword reaches over 69.6 “Wunderland meters” into the sky of the Wunderland. In total more than 160 working hours were necessary to build the monument.

Photos of the Harz section

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