Central Germany and the Harz

Dampflok vor der mittelalterlichen Stadt Rothenbach

The Harz is one of the oldest landscapes in Miniatur Wunderland. It was built together with Austria and Knuffingen during the first construction phase (December 2000 – August 2001) and has become an important milestone in the renaissance of modelling.

The many stories and details which can be found in this section were groundbreaking for modelling, as well as the sea of lights at the carnival, and the action buttons.

You can see Wunderland's people watching Romeo and Juliet dancing on the balcony at the open air theatre. Or have a look at Wunderland's youths who copy Shakespeare's love story in modern art in a field of sunflowers.

The Harz is also home to the ICE high speed route and more than 130 trains.


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