The Carsystem of the Airport

In contrast to the original carsystem, our new vehicles at Knuffingen Airport are equipped with sensors, which transmit all data via infrared signals. Thus, it is possible to simulate a more dynamic movement of any vehicle, and lights, turn signals, as well as speed levels can be switched and altered while driving. Furthermore, infrared technology enables a more precise position analysis. Thus, the vehicles can drive with a shorter safety distance to other vehicles in traffic. Constructing the Airport vehicles was quite challenging for the team. In order to stuff ever more technology into ever smaller vehicles, we had to make many laborious modifications.  Here, we have to point out those relatively small interior cleaning vehicles for the Airport, as all components had to be exchangeable, in order to save time when repairing them.
The following vehicles can be seen on the Airport, as well: tankers, catering trucks, de-icers, septic tank trucks, garbage trucks, luggage cart tugs, dispenser vehicles, passenger shuttle busses, crew shuttles, snow ploughs and blowers, as well as ground staff vehicles.
However, the yellow-black Follow-me vehicles, which usually direct aircrafts on the airfield, do not exist on Knuffingen Airport, in this manner. Because the more tiny the technology, the more difficult it becomes to synchronize two vehicles following each other on the same stretch. Here, even two identical motors have different handling characteristics. That’s the reason we’ve created a fleet management system, functioning via lit carriageway markings, directing the pilot over the airfield. In reality, a similar system has been established on the London and Munich Airport by now – it seems as if our idea was not too far-fetched, after all.