The Crazy Shrink Tour - 30 min VR-Experience

On our long shrink tour, you will be equipped with state-of-the-art VR technology consisting of VR-glasses, a vest for haptic vibrations, a headset and hand and foot sensors. You will then embark on an 30-minute adventure together in a group of max six persons.

Our two VR rooms differ in size and the technology used. The longer experience "The crazy shrink tour" takes place in the large room YULLBE WUNDERLAND PRO. This is a so-called full body tracking free roaming VR experience. Simply put, this means that you move freely in a 250+ square foot room, with all of your movements captured by sensors and reflected in the game. In the process, you'll also be able to interact with the virtual environment and your fellow players, and depending on the adventure, you'll also pick up various items that will help you complete the many challenges.

Our 30-minute VR adventure is suitable for families as well as smaller groups. To start with, there are two games to choose from here: Our Wunderland adventure "The Crazy Shrink Tour" and "Mission Rulantica," an experience developed by the creators from Europa-Park. Due to the size of the VR equipment, playing along is unfortunately only possible from an age of approx. 8 years and unfortunately not suitable for people with limited mobility.

The crazy shrink tour

You are shrunk to 1:87 scale and thus experience the Wunderland from a whole new perspective - namely from eye level. Then you embark on a tour through the worlds of Wunderland. However, a lot can go wrong in such an undertaking and whether you make it back to the world of the big ones later is entirely in your hands. Whether it's the rocky landscape at the Grand Canyon, the lofty heights of the Swiss Alps, or the picturesque backdrop of Venice, adventure awaits you everywhere!

This experience is wonderful for the whole family.

An overview and small glimpses of the experiences that are also available to choose from at YULLBE WUNDERLAND in addition to "The Crazy Shrink Tour" can be found here.

About the long VR-Experience Length
30 min
About the long VR-Experience Experiences
The crazy shrink tour
About the long VR-Experience
Mission Rulantica (actually only available until Sep. 3rd, 2023)
About the long VR-Experience Technology
VR-glasses, headset, a vest for haptic vibrations and hand and foot trackers
About the long VR-Experience Age recommendation
8 - 65 years
About the long VR-Experience Room
About the long VR-Experience Mode
Group experience