Wunderland movie starts in Switzerland - Austria follows in May

The Wunderland documentary opens in Swiss cinemas on Thursday! The cinema release in Austria is scheduled for May 09.

After ranking third in the German cinema charts and numerous emails from Switzerland asking for the film to be released in Swiss cinemas, the time has finally come on Thursday, April 18! A dream come true for us. Not only is Switzerland home to the most beautiful railroad routes in the world, it is also the birthplace of Wunderland. The idea for Wunderland was born in Zurich in 2000.

We have listed the cinemas that have announced the Wunderland documentary in their program. We have linked directly to cinemas that are already selling tickets in advance:

Baden, Trafo

Basel, Arena

Basel, kult.kino

Bern, cinemovie

Brugg, Odeon

Brugg, Cinema Excelsior

Liestal, Kino Sputnik

Luzern, Bourbaki

Luzern, Verkehrshaus

Oftringen, youcinema

Schaffhausen, Kinepolis

Schaffhausen, Kiwi-Scala

Schöftland, Cinema 8

Schwyz, Kino Schwyz Saal Blau

Sins, Cinepol

St. Gallen, Kinok

Weinfelden, Liberty

Wil, Cine

Winterthur, Kiwi-Kinos

Zürich, Cinema Frame

Zürich, Arena