From 7 March, the film WUNDERLAND - FROM CHILDHOOD DREAM TO WORLD SUCCESS brings Miniatur Wunderland to the big cinema screen for the first time!

With never-before-seen film footage, the story of the world's largest model railway is coming to movie theatres as an emotional documentary event. We are incredibly looking forward to it and the excitement in Wunderland and all the 289,000 little stars could hardly be greater!

Wunderland in the movies - coming 07 March 2024!

With previously unpublished archive material, the film takes a look back at the complicated childhood of Wunderland founders Frederik and Gerrit. It shows how the joy of playing gave rise to their visionary ideas and how their early fascination with modelling ultimately led to the creation of Wunderland.

As animated miniature boys, Gerrit and Frederik step into the Wunderland themselves in the film, discover the craziest details as children, have exciting moments with some of the more than 280,000 figures and learn to understand and control the complex world of technology behind it. A fast-paced adventure begins!

In addition to emotional interviews, the adventure journey takes us all the way to South America to the lovely Martinez modelling family. The Rio de Janeiro and Patagonia sections were created together in their workshops near Buenos Aires. Started as an intercontinental building project by modellers from Hamburg and Argentina, true friendships across continents quickly grew that we would not want to miss.

Breathtaking new pictures together with truly moving stories caused plenty of real tears and enthusiasm at the first screening at the film festival in Hamburg. Standing ovations after the film left Frederik and Gerrit emotionally overwhelmed.

The film, which was created over two years by the creators of the famous Michael Schumacher documentary (currently streamed over 35 million times on Netflix), is a masterpiece in our opinion! Anyone who watches it will most likely leave the cinema deeply moved. Just the right thing in these complex times. 😊

We want to challenge the big blockbusters and get perhaps the most moving documentary film of recent times into the cinema charts. Can we do it together?

Well, we won't make it to number 1, but why not land in the top 10 of the German cinema charts? With a documentary... 😉

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