Creating Slopes

At this freight yard, the wagons are loaded with ore.

Creating Slopes

Rails should always be routed in a fashion that prevents slopes with too high grades. Slopes are always a strain on locomotives. Therefore one should make sure they are not too steep or long. If the incline is too steep the weight of the cars can slow the engine down and prevent it from keeping grip. It would run hot and the locomotive decoder (if there) or the locomotive itself could be damaged.

It is useful to have traction tires on your locomotive that help keep the grip. They are easy to refit should your engine not have any yet. As a rule, slopes in excess of 2.6 percent are avoided in large displays in order to protect the material. For distances with very long trains, you will usually miss out on slopes (such as in the America section of Miniatur Wunderland).

As a rule of thumb: the lower the incline the better for the material!

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