Hamburg Dungeon

The "Hamburg Dungeon" is located in the same building as the Miniatur Wunderland. The interactive exhibition, which relentlessly includes the visitor in the action, tells the darkest chapters in Hamburg's history. From the big fire in 1842 to Klaus St√∂rtebeker and his pirates... Get to know Hamburg's past on 2,200 interesting square meters!

The show, created after the example of the successful theme park "London Dungeon", should not be visited with weak nerves and shaky legs: The time travel starts with a ride in an ancient, ramshackle elevator. Those who have survived it, will now relive the horror of plague, torture, the inquisition, and the Big Fire of 1842, as well as the execution of Hamburg's infamous pirate Klaus St√∂rtebeker. The visitors are actively taking part in these creepy events. In the storm flood of 1717, the visitors experience live how it must have been floating with a boat through the flooded streets as wind and rain faded, at last. But, before you can escape this blood-curdling place, you'll have to face bog people washed on by the flood, and a free fall...

General information

Hamburg Dungeon
Kehrwieder 2
22457 Hamburg
+49 (0) 40 36 005522

Opening hours 
daily 11:00 h to 18:00 h
daily 10:00 h to 18:00 h (only June to August)

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