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Events in Hamburg

Here you'll find information on what to do in Hamburg besides visiting Miniatur Wunderland. There's a lot to see and do in Hamburg, day and night. 

In the section 'News' you'll find activities and events which are taking place in Hamburg, currently, or very soon .

There are plenty of events you can already book with the event reservation tool on our homepage.

In the following there's a list of our recommendations. 

Wunderland's Choice

In Hamburg there's a lot to see and discover. Here's a little choice of showplaces and events, which we think are worth recommending. Besides the events listed here, you'll find more information, and other suggestions on the website "Adressen aus Hamburg" (in German only).

The Lion King

Learn more about currently Germany's most successful musical located alongshore the Hamburg Harbour!

Hamburg Dungeon

Experience the scary and exciting dark side of Hamburg's history!

Spice Museum

In Spicy's Spice Museum you'll learn about 50 original spices, and their treatment.

Dialogue in the Dark

In the exhibition you learn to interpret smells, sounds and senses in a completely new way!


Speicherstadt mus.

Learn about the traditional living and trading in Hamburg at the Speicherstadtmuseum.

Customs Museum

The German Customs Museum provides information about the history and development of the German customs system.

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