Water Basin in Scandinavia

Fischerdorf auf der kleinen Insel vor Norwegen

Track for trains, streets for cars and water for ships. The high tech water installation with its numerous probes, sensors, pumps and downspouts can only be handled by a complicated SPS-control.

Humidity, water and room temperature as well as the filter system have to be observed. To ensure that in case of an emergency, people on the second floor won’t get wet feet, it had to be guaranteed that the basin can be pumped dry within minutes in case of a leakage.

The basin measures 80 meters square and contains 25,000 liters. In total 30,000 liters of water are circulating in the system. The simulation of high tide and low tide and the fully functional lock make the shipping traffic a unique experience in the Wunderland.

In order to simulate the tides, 2,500 liters of water have to be pumped into and out of the catch basin in the third floor within 30 minutes. As water is a valuable resource, the old water of the basin is used for the flushing of toilets.

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