The Storebelt Bridge

Straßen- und Eisenbahnbrücke die Dänemark mit Norwegen verbindet

The largest construction within the Miniatur Wunderland is the reproduction of the Storebelt Bridge, on which tracks and roadway cross the strait. We had to arrange a proper worktable for this 8 metre long suspension bridge.

The continuous beam had been built from wood, and within it cables for illumination, train control systems and components of the Faller car system were placed. In order to avoid torsions, 4 persons were necessary to turn the flexible 8 metres long beams on the workbench.

For stability reasons, we decided to use wood for constructing the pylons which have been screwed on the substructure of the frame. Eight employees carried the long beam over the water basin and threaded it in the pylons. 100 single hanging wires steady the bridge on two principal carriers.

14 days were needed to prepare 80 metres of fishing line in total. The complete construction period amounted to six weeks in total.

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