Feedback & Helpdesk for Ticket-Booking/-Reservation

  • How can I buy e-tickets?

  • How can I pay an e-ticket?

    For the payment you need one of our accepted electronic payment systems (you see in the booking area). If you do not own one of these, you can make a free reservation and pay the tickets at the desk upon arrival. With a reservation you either have NO waiting time, there might be maybe a short queue at the desk, which will take no more than 4 minutes - we promise. But please do not arrive earlier than your reserved timeslot.

    Ticket Reservation
  • Is bank transfer or direct debit possible?

    No, but this is unusual for e-tickets and direct transfer is not offered in the moment. You can pay directly only with PayPal or credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

  • I have a Hamburg Card, how can I receive the discount?

    The HamburgCard discount is online not available, only with waiting time at the box office.

    Ticket Reservation
  • I have no printer. Would it be OK to show the tickets on my mobile device?

    Yes, that is absolutely OK. Please use the PDF-File (please no screenshots), the well known Adobe Reader is available for mobile devices in the AppStore and in the Google Play Store.

    Alternatively we offer you the wallet files. This is an apple product and already insalled on all iPhones, but the app is available as well in the Play Store for Android devices, we recommend "WalletPasses/Passbook Wallet". This app is usable with nearly all mobile tickets and boarding passes of most airlines.

  • My tickets are issued for the wrong day or I have to move my visit

    You can simply rebook your tickets to a new date/time. This is as well for special events.

    IMPORTANT: It must be done before the validity of your ticket!

    At the end you see the confirmation on the screen and you will receive a confirmation mail. If you do not receive this mail, it does not matter, but you should prove your spam folder, our mails often go there.

  • I need one ticket more, what shall I do?

    Your order is already finished and cannot been changed. Please try to book one more ticket on our website. If this is not possible, just go to the desk upon arrival, if it is just one person, we do it always on goodwill. For the special events this is not possible, because tickets are limited.

    Buy a ticket
  • Are e-tickets refundable?

    Due to the terms and conditions e-tickets are not refundable, but you can rebook your ticket everytime before their validity to a new date/time. If you do not know your new date, you can change your tickets to unlimited vouchers. For normal tickets just start the rebooking and stop at the selction for the new date or for special event tickets (Wunderland at Night, Culinary Trip around the World, Big Tubs & small Trains) please choose "change to voucher" in the list.

    Rebook your ticket
  • How can I receive an invoice?

    Please forward your confirmation mail to and send us as well your invoice address.


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