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Wunderland Special: Knuffingen's new citizens

The town of Knuffingen is the setting in our new children's book "Das Vermächtnis des Wunderlands". The story lets the children Hinderthür go on the adventure of a lifetime together with their friend Pi. They can now also be found on the Wunderland facility.

In the current video we tell you everything about the magical connection between two worlds. Knuffingen, the lively small town in the Miniatur Wunderland, is the setting for the adventure story in our children's book "Das Vermächtnis des Wunderlands".

With attention to detail, Theresa created some key scenes from the book and thus placed the "Thunder Snow One" train, the draisine and the four friends on the model layout.

In this special episode you can see how this project came about, how these two fantasy worlds enriched each other and what we were allowed to build for it.