Patagonia: Opening date is fixed

The opening date for our latest building section Patagonia is set! From the 3rd of May you can explore this spectacular extension of our exhibition.

Since the opening of Rio de Janeiro, we have been working on the next part of the South America section. In contrast to the Brazilian mega-metropolis, this part of the section takes the viewer through the fascinating landscapes of Patagonia to the end of the world. Vast steppes, the Andes Mountains culminating in the famous Fitz Roy, and the Perito Moreno Glacier define this breathtaking backdrop. The tour then continues through the legendary Drake Passage, where a wide variety of techniques are used to navigate a ship through a raging storm. Finally, the icy world of Antarctica awaits the visitor as a grand finale.

From May 3rd, the fascinating new part of the exhibition will be open to visitors. But until then, there is still a lot to do. Especially the elaborate technology in the Drake Passage keeps presenting our technical team with new challenges. The same applies to the realistic simulation of an ice break-off at the glacier. At the same time, the model builders are working with great dedication on the fine details of the countless scenes in the 65 square meter section.

If you are interested, you can look over our shoulders as we work in the final spurt towards the opening. We report regularly on the progress on our social media channels as well as on the spectacular highlights of the new section and their creation.

Insights into the technology of the Patagonia section