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Our new Fun Fair is now open!

After more than a year of construction - with a two-month break due to Covid-19 - 24,500 hours working hours and 750,000 Euros Euros construction costs, our great new funfair is finally finished. On 8 m² you can expect a spectacular light-more from 100,000 LEDs. Around 150 rides and booths will make sure that the eyes of the little Wunderlandians and our visitors are wide open.

Old to new

What a surprise. A fair as a new section in Wunderland? Yes, you read right! Although there has been a fun fair in the Central Germany section ever since the beginning of the Wunderland it was time , after 18 years, for a makeover. This was not due to safety reasons or because a technical inspection was long time overdue, we were simply doing it because we have been dreaming of revising this particular section of the Wunderlandfor years.

You might ask: Why that? Well, the original fair was great, but not great enough! The topic “fair” is one big playground for all the creative minds and technicians of the Wunderland and we just wanted to use this potential to the fullest.

About a year later we think: It was successful! We are incredibly proud of our huge little fair, of all the love and nerves that were invested to create this masterpiece.

The best way to find out whether you think we have managed to do this is of course to visit us! But we have also put together some pictures for you to give you a first impression of our superlative fair. Dive into the probably most action-packed, wimpy and funniest 8 m² of Miniatur Wunderland.

Our amazing Fun Fair

The new Fun Fair in images

Background information on the construction of the new fair

It was a long way from the large construction site in Central Germany to the sensational miniature fair. Tears have been running, sweat has been dripping down, gray hairs have literally sprouted. Well - joking aside - it wasn't all that bad. But it was still a road full of challenges and unexpected setbacks. Fortunately, however, it was also full of success and creative ideas. You can read all the background information about the construction of the new fair and get some impressions of the new part of the layout on our fair website.

Opening Date

An important note about the opening date: We are opening our fun fair today, on June 30th, 2020. In the morning we will present our new masterpiece first exclusively to the press, from the late afternoon onwards the area will be open to all visitors at the latest. Have fun exploring the fairground!