Europe-ICE at Miniatur Wunderland

Ahead of next Sunday's European election, Deutsche Bahn (German Federal Railways)is sending a strong message with their special train, the ICE "Europe". From now on, the miniature version will also be on the tracks of Wunderland.

Traveling connects us. People of all heritages meet across all borders and thereby get to know and respect each other, beyond cultures, nationality or color. These billions of personal encounters each day all over the world connect us to each other, helping us to build a common identity, mutual respect and therefore peace, as well. The EU is a strong bond that brings people closer to each other across its nations’ borders.

Foregoing the European election on Sunday, today Deutsche Bahn (German Federal Railways) unveiled its new and uniquely designed ICE high-speed trainset „Europe“ to point out the importance of people growing closer to each other in every respect. From today on, this new train will not only travel across Europe - but in Wunderland, as well.