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Miniatur Wunderland breaks its own world record

With the connection of 315 additional meters of track, Wunderland's track system is extended to a record-breaking 15,715 meters. And because Guinness World Records was just around for this festive occasion, we registered another record attempt: That's why Miniatur Wunderland receives another record title for the largest cross-scale model railway layout.

For many years now, Miniatur Wunderland has officially been the largest model train set in the world. With the new section of Monaco & Provence being connected, the layout will be extended by a further 315 meters, and the existing world record will be increased. The connection of the new track was solemnly completed on the morning of 14 August 2019 in front of the press and in the presence of the record judge Lena Kuhlmann of Guinness World RecordsĀ®. Miniatur Wunderland has thus not only expanded its own existing record from 15,400 meters to 15,715 meters, but has also set another record: As of today, we can also call the title of the world's largest cross-scale model railway our own.

What does that mean? There are model railways worldwide in many different scales. Some build almost lifelike, some in just a few millimetres. They are all comparable due to the standardized scale that refers to the real world. With 1,367.21 kilometers of "real length", Wunderland can now call itself the world's largest model train set across all scales.

No wonder the confetti gun exploded and we had to pop the bottles today on the occasion of these record-breaking numbers!