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Gerrit´s diary #96 - Formula 1 drives almost flawlessly

Join Gerrit for his live report from Monaco!

Anyone who has been watching us for any length of time will be aware of the worrying error rate of our miniature Formula 1 races. Just a week before the grand opening by the Prince and his family, Gerrit wasn't sure whether this mammoth project could ever work in continuous operation... but then. The breakthrough came four days before the opening. Gerrit and his team changed a few parameters, almost out of desperation, and suddenly it was up and running. And not just "so-so", no, it's fantastic! The cars purr around the track, the ghost errors have almost completely disappeared and with a few more programming tricks, Gerrit and his team manage to reduce the error rate to 0.7%. Gerrit beams, we grin - and now we hope you enjoy watching!