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Gerrit's diary #95 - The creation of our Formula 1

After 11 years, Formula 1 is finally finished. Take a look at the great development in a montage!

11 years ago, the idea of a functioning miniature Formula 1 track was born. With the construction of the first prototypes and Gerrit's beginnings in programming, nobody thought that this project could ever be a success - but Gerrit and his team never gave up. You, the community, have always believed in this technological marvel and have always given us courage and ideas! And therefore, you are also partly responsible for the fact that almost exactly one month ago, the Princely Family of Monaco came to Miniatur Wunderland to inaugurate their own state. We will cherish this visit forever!

To coincide with the real Grand Prix in Monaco this Sunday, in this episode we show you how the Miniature Grand Prix was created as a montage of past diaries. Have fun watching!