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Gerrit's diary #92 - New film, new test cars, new hope

The 92nd episode of Gerrit's diary is here! Here you can find out exciting things about the new cinema film and how things are progressing on the test track.

THE WONDERLAND IS COMING TO THE CINEMA!!! On 7 March, the film about our house, the life of Frederik, paired with many emotions and spectacular shots of the facility will be released in cinemas. It's well worth seeing! But more in the video!

There is new hope in Monaco. The road film has been replaced, a circuit board has been changed and now Gerrit is driving the first lap. This is always a tricky point, because when we fitted the first film back then, nothing worked at all afterwards. But progress is also being made in other respects. We are still testing different underbodies, looking for errors and hope that everything will be ready for the opening. Have fun watching!