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Gerrits Diary #89 - Formula 1: One step forward, two steps back

Gerrit gives an update on Formula 1 in Monaco in the diary.

Finally, another update on Formula 1! We have applied the road film, the first crash barriers are in place - it all looks so unbelievably great - but Gerrit and his team are now struggling with these very steps because the cars are suddenly behaving differently.

The so-called "ghost errors" occur, cars suddenly stop without leaving an error in the software. In addition, there have been minor defects in the circuit boards, which only cause errors that can be recognized in slow motion, and so the success reports have unfortunately been somewhat limited recently. BUT: We are not giving up! Even if things are only progressing at a walking pace at the moment, we're keeping our eye on the ball and doing everything we can to get the Formula 1 up and running!