Annual Preview 2019

The dominating subjects this year will of course be Monaco and the Provence. We are currently putting all effort into building the Monaco sky scrapers and will not rest until the Provence brings joy to each and every one. We don’t have a final opening date just yet for the new section. But the golden Wunderland rule applies: we take the time it needs to create something truly unique.

Talking about speed - Gerrit the tinkerer has found a new challenge. It’s the biggest challenge since the airport two building sections ago: a realistic simulation of the Formula 1 race in Monaco on a scale of 1:87. You can catch up on all the stories of breakthroughs and breakdowns, successes and anger, frustration and fascination on Gerrit’s diary on YouTube, and you will discover the reason we no longer receive refund on soda cans. Make sure you switch on the English subtitles. 

Talking about breakthrough – Our model building department will soon be receiving powerful reinforcement: a brand new and almost custom built milling machine. It’s already proven to be a challenge to move this masterpiece of technology onto its rightful place in our house. Tune into the next episode of Gerrit’s diary to find out if our superheroes have won and all went well in the end.

Talking about victory – Our older sections have also earned their right to be presented from their chocolate factory side. In the Italy section we have started using LED lighting instead of neon lights in order to create the well-loved changing of day and night. Since this has proven well we will use it throughout the entire exhibition. We currently expect to have swapped out the last neon light long before the end of this year. We are cheerful about this and not in the least teary eyed.

Talking about long term projects – there is a new turning disc for the Hamburg section waiting around in our railway corner. Should this year become the year the Wunderland will receive a functioning and fully automated disc? And while we are at it a double incline as well? Or even a fully automated ship steering? Well, you know what they say about hope dying last.

Talking about leaving – Our capitol had to endure a long era of separation by a wall and soon will be moving on: Our special exhibition on the post war era of Berlin will be on display at the Willy Brandt House Lübeck until the end of March. We take pride in the words “Ich bin ein Lübecker”!

Talking about pride – do you know the type of people who somehow can do everything? Technologically gifted, just the right amount of thumbs in proportion to fingers, creative potential and real team players? People who can think around corners and then back inside the room coming through the window straight to the point? Good on you and for us, since we are currently hiring. But apart from this one, there are some other vacancies as well.

And the best part: you get to be at Wunderland every day. 

Talking about every day – some can hardly wait for it to happen while others go into denial. Yes, we are all getting older. And this includes the Wunderland of course. This year we will be serving a very big cake since the Wunderland will become of age! 18 years of constant building, constant development and constant growth – but not one bit grown up! We sincerely hope you don’t mind.

We are looking forward to a suspenseful year full of challenges and hope you will stop by soon to take a good thorough look around.

Yours truly, the Wunderland team.