Important Announcement

Today we turn to you with great news and at the same time a big request to you. Almost exactly seven years ago we published our "Imagevideo". Since then, the English version alone has been clicked over 25 million times and has made sure that Wunderland became a household name worldwide. For example, every 15th Canadian or 10th in Taiwan saw the video.

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Since then, the Wunderland has grown by many square meters and many highlights, such as the Elbphilharmonie, St. Peter's Basilica, Venice or Mount Vesuvius. Actually, it always means "never change a running system". The old video is still viewed thousands of times every day and that is extremely important to the success of Wunderland. After seven years, three new sections and 4K, it is time to start a new version.

That's why we've been working on a new video over the past few months that shows the Wunderland of today. We think it has become sensational. It shows the Wunderland with completely new and speculative camera and drone flights. We really hope that the new video can build on the success of the old one. But that works only if we make it into the YouTube charts and we need your help! The video will be released on Thursday at 4 pm German time. For the dissemination it is enormously important, that it is looked at lot at the beginning and above all also until the end. It would be great if you watch the video completely at 4 pm tomorrow, comment on it and send it to all your friends, also the ones abroad. It's worth it!

Thank you for your help and we hope to give you 5 special minutes with the video tomorrow!