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20 years of Miniatur Wunderland

Exactly 20 years ago today, Miniatur Wunderland opened its doors to visitors for the first time at 12:00 noon. If we had known back then that one day we would actually be operating the largest model railroad in the world, we probably wouldn't have been quite so nervous on that Thursday morning on August 16, 2001.

Together with the mayor of Hamburg at the time, Ortwin Runde, we opened the first three Wunderland worlds (Knuffingen, Austria, Central Germany). Who could have guessed that this would be the beginning of an incomparable fairy tale? What we have been able to experience in the past 20 years fills us with great gratitude and pride.

Around 20 million visitors from all parts of the world have now explored the exhibition, which took almost a million hours of work to create. Three times in a row, Miniatur Wunderland has been voted Germany's most popular attraction by visitors from abroad. We have been awarded six world records by Guinness World Records and have also occupied the top position on TripAdvisor for many years.

We would have loved to celebrate this special birthday and milestone with you all. But since we can only let a fraction of the actual visitors into the exhibition because of Covid-19, and every day is a source of disappointment due to a Wunderland that has been completely booked up for weeks, we have taken the precaution of canceling the big anniversary celebration. Even though we had imagined a different day - with a great party until late into the night - the joy about this anniversary is still enormous! Therefore, we celebrate at least virtually on all our channels with great videos and pictures from 20 years of Wunderland.

Pictures from 20 wonderful years of Miniatur Wunderland