In the otherwise peaceful Provence, we bring the unknown to life in Miniatur Wunderland. An abandoned sanatorium transports visitors into a mysterious world in which a deserted place comes to life and gets under your skin.

The sanatorium in Miniatur Wunderland is a very special model based on a creative fusion of various ‘lost places’. Unlike many other buildings that are based on real-life models, this sanatorium does not exist in the real world. Every aspect of the sanatorium has been designed with great care and creativity. First, the modellers looked at various abandoned buildings and selected the most interesting parts. The design was then developed from scratch. Individual parts were milled, assembled and coloured to create an eerie atmosphere that gives visitors the feeling of exploring a real derelict place.

The sanatorium has some surprising details in store that lead visitors into a world full of mysticism and thrills. A wheelchair that seems to move through the grounds as if by magic provides a noticeable pinch of thrills. The playground, normally a place of lively children's fun, also looks slightly spooky here, as some of the play equipment sets itself in motion. But you won't find any children here, which adds to the mysterious atmosphere. These and other elements make the sanatorium a unique and exciting place that immerses visitors in a dark and eerie atmosphere. It invites you to experience the uncanny and feel the thrill that comes with an abandoned place.