Oceanographic Museum

In Miniatur Wunderland, the Oceanographic Museum combines sophisticated modelling with state-of-the-art technology. With its precise replica and numerous innovative details, it invites visitors to immerse themselves in the world of the sea. The Oceanographic Museum is a must-see for all those who are enthusiastic about architecture, technology and the beauty of the underwater world.

The Oceanographic Museum is one of the most impressive architectural highlights in Monaco, and its magnificent facade is also faithfully reproduced in Miniatur Wunderland. The model of the museum was designed on the basis of photos and drawn in three dimensions in order to capture the characteristic details exactly. The plasterwork parts were produced using a printing process and the facade parts were all carefully milled. Globes with banners were attached to the edges of the site, which were also printed. One of the biggest challenges was that the original museum is located right on the edge of a cliff. Our model reflects this unique location by representing the structure from the sea surface up to the three higher floors. The 1:120 scale ensures that the details remain clearly visible while maintaining the complex proportions of the building.

In Miniatur Wunderland, the Oceanographic Museum opens its doors in a magical way: The facades of the Oceanographic Museum can be opened and closed by setting a linear guide with a small motor and a rack in motion. These precise mechanisms are linked to our lighting control system and are operated by a special motor control board. A fascinating detail of the model is the jellyfish aquarium, in which a rotating cylinder creates the illusion of floating jellyfish. The jellyfish in it move continuously, which is based on their behaviour in real life, as they can only swim in circles. The sight of the slowly rotating jellyfish in the aquarium lends the model a calm, almost hypnotic atmosphere that invites you to linger. On the same floor there is a screen based on a Raspberry Pi that plays a video of a fish aquarium that you have created yourself. This combination of precise modelling and innovative technology makes the Oceanographic Museum a fascinating and lively part of Miniatur Wunderland.