Fields of lavender

In the midst of the lively hustle and bustle of Monaco, where luxurious casinos, luxury cars and magnificent yachts dominate the scene, there is an oasis of calm that brings the serenity of Provence to this lively environment. The lavender fields in the Miniatur Wunderland are a truly enchanting sight and offer a contrast to the lively Monaco.

To create the characteristic furrows of the lavender fields, our modellers developed a special spatula that allowed us to draw precise lines in plaster. The fields were electrostatically greened by first applying 6 mm grass fibres to create the base. Then 2mm grass fibres were added to create a lush and standing grass structure. To achieve the rich purple colour of the lavender, the grass was planted in two stages. The lavender shines intensely in a colour specially developed for Wunderland that cannot be bought anywhere else. Each flower and plant is carefully placed, making the lavender field a pure masterpiece of craftsmanship. The entire field took around four days to make, including the drying time.

The lavender field is overlooked by the medieval Sénanque Abbey, an impressive building founded by Cistercian monks in 1148. The construction of the abbey was a particular challenge. First, the walls of the house were pre-milled, then a silicone mould was created, where the plaster was poured in. Each stone was individually carved and polished to ensure the authentic appearance of the building. The result is a unique interplay of nature and architecture that transports visitors to a picturesque landscape and captures the wonder of Provence in all its beauty. Here you can forget the hectic everyday life of Monaco for a moment and immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere of the lavender fields.