Prince's palace

The Prince's Palace of Monaco is no longer just a sight for the inhabitants of the Principality and visitors to Monaco, but also a fascinating destination for Miniatur Wunderland guests who want to take a detailed look at this architectural masterpiece.

The construction of the Miniatur Wunderland palace was carefully modelled on photographs to create a replica that was as true to the original as possible. Many hours were spent studying every detail to capture the essence of this historic landmark. The inner courtyard of the building was designed in a special way: The walls were first built up and then painted using a direct printing process, which allows for outstanding attention to detail. The walls in the inner courtyard are beautifully covered with wall illustrations featuring an impressive wealth of motifs and ornaments. These illustrations are carefully designed and detailed. This artistic flair contributes significantly to the character of the palace and attracts the attention of visitors.

One of the biggest challenges was to break the model down into nine separate parts in order to be able to build it precisely despite its enormous size. Each of these parts was constructed separately and finally assembled into a whole. This approach allowed the different architectural style elements of the building to be accurately reproduced. The real building itself has undergone many changes throughout its history, which made it difficult to distinguish the original from later additions. Sometimes it was even difficult to tell whether a part was rockwork or an element of the building. These different architectural styles and transformations over the centuries reflect Monaco's chequered history. These have been faithfully reproduced in the model.

The lighting is another exciting aspect of the model. At night, the entire building is illuminated in a glowing palette of colours, creating an impressive atmosphere. On special festivities, such as St Patrick's Day, the model is illuminated in a special shade of green, giving visitors an even more impressive experience.

The overall appearance of the Miniatur Wunderland palace is a reflection of Monaco's rich history and unique architecture. Here, visitors can experience the magic of a historic building that impresses both in its attention to detail and its vivid lighting.