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Building a Wall

How to build a wall?

Needed materials and tools:

Tools, materials, wall panels, cutter knife, chisel, blow-dryer, glue gun, sand paper


The wall panels are best roughly cut with a small circular saw. If you don’t have one you can also use a fretsaw or a normal handsaw.


The exact fitting of the wall panels is easiest with a cutter knife. Pay attention to stay within the pattern of the stones in the corners and to cut on a miter.


To better form the wall panels you can heat them with a blow-dryer. Don’t hold it in one place for too long so the panel won’t melt. After heating the panel can be bent (hold tight until it has cooled down again).


It is recommended to connect the individual wall panels first with glue, especially if you want to dye them later and work in further details.

Blocking rehearsal

Once you are ready the wall can be built in permanently. Please keep in mind that a wall has bricks on both sides!


This article is based on the article wall building from model building wiki.

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