Introduction to model building

Model building is the three dimensional reproduction (model) of a role model (existing in real life or sketched out and planned, as well as fictional models, such as sci-fi model building).

Leisure time model building mostly consists of remodeling objects of everyday life or history by using either original material or industrially prefabricated parts (for example made from plastic, paper or wood). Examples for this are ship-, airplane-, or car models, which can be operated by hand or can swim, fly or drive remote controlled. Other models can simply be room decoration.

Toys which have been preassembled and come packaged are not considered model building.

Lovers of model building also are very fond of models of fairground rides and cable cars. It is incredible which insane creativity can be found in this industry. You can purchase “burning houses” (with smoke generator), houses squatted in and even UFO abduction as a model building kit.

Industrial models for example are used to demonstrate urban planning, building sites, motor vehicles or industrial compounds. The common materials used for this are wood, polystyrene, industrial plasticine and plaster. Architects use models to demonstrate their planned buildings. Models are also used to investigate inside wind tunnels.

Important aspects of a model are the amount of details and true scaling. The scale is the ratio of size of the model in relation to the size of the role model.

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