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Fire runs and rescue missions at the Wunderland

Our popular fire runs and rescue missions are also controlled by our Carsystem. In total you can momentarily witness 940,000 missions in all our worlds.

Overview of our fire runs and rescue missions

  • Knuffingen: The Knuffingen laylout momentarily has eleven different deployment locations.
  • USA: Nine further missions and fire scenarios are programmed for the USA layout.
  • Scandinavia: There are two rescue missions to be found in Scandinavia.
  • Knuffingen Airport: At the Knuffingen Airport you can witness four scenarios.

What happens when fire breaks out?

When smoke starts coming out of the windows of one of Knuffingen’s houses and the first flames are visible, the alarm goes off at the town’s fire station. Even in the middle of the night, the lights inside the station will be switched on and only seconds later, the first fire engines will turn on their headlights, flashing blue lights and headlight flashers.

The fire brigade, consisting of up to five vehicles, will head for the location of the fire. Up to 34 vehicles rush to the site one after another in case of a red alert situation, depending on the size of a fire. If the fire gets out of control, fire engines from the suburbs are called for support.

In the meantime police cruisers will block of specific access roads around the dangerous emergency site. On passing crossroads the sirens of the cruisers will sound just in time and other drivers will stop their cars responsibly to let them pass. After the fire department has arrived at the site the fire will be fought and successfully extinguished. After that all vehicles will leave the scene, one after the other. The mission is accomplished, lives have again been saved.

The Wonderlanders know how it's done: forming a lifeline!