1950 - 1954

In the year 1949, the two independent German states Federal Republic of Germany (BRD, West Germany) and the German Democratic Republic (GDR, East Germany) are being founded, and the separation of Germany substantiated.

Demarkation Lines

On May 26th 1952, the GDR draws demarcation lines between East and West Berlin as an attempt to restrict people in moving between sectors.

Black Market

In post-war Germany most daily necessities can only be purchased with heavily rationed food stamps. As a result people are trading goods illegally on a widespread black market.


Film becomes an important medium to transport the topics of war and National Socialistic crimes. So-called ‘rubble films’ try to capture the problems of returning soldiers, and life stories and fates. With these films so-called ‘re-education’ was carried out.

Magazines and Newspapers

With amazing speed a cultural lifestyle is developing again, including the reinvestment of magazines and newspapers. Any kind of reports are being controlled ands licensed by the occupation forces.

Ministry for State Security

On February 8th 1950, the Ministry for State Security (short: Stasi) is being founded. It was one of the most important instruments of power in the governance of East Germany.

Workers' Uprising

In the course of a high increase in prices for foods and consumer goods, with a parallel increase in labour standards, the East German population rebels on June 17th 1953. Next to economic issues, citizens demand free elections and democracy. The uprising is being stamped down brutally.