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Free admission for Miniatur Wunderland for all people who can't normally afford it!

The campaign has ended for 2024!

In January 2024, we have again invited everyone to Wunderland on selected days who would otherwise not be able to afford it. We don't expect any proof of this, just an honest self-assessment. Anyone who couldn't afford it just had to come to the checkout and say: "I can't afford this" and he/she would go to Wunderland free of charge and without asking.

Please understand that we can only offer this promotion on selected days and not permanently, because as an independent exhibition we rely on paying guests in order to be able to offer such promotions at all. We do not receive any government subsidies, but we do it because we want to and because we also want to make a contribution to providing financially weak people with a few nice hours.

A free visit is currently not possible.

It is currently not clear whether we will offer this promotion again in 2025. When the time comes, we will inform you here. Please be patient and refrain from making inquiries.



Just drop by during the opening hours on the days mentioned above


Miniatur Wunderland – Kehrwieder 2 – 20457 Hamburg


Anyone who really can't afford to visit, whether they're on welfare, single moms/dads, the homeless, refugees, or anyone who has to double their dollar for every dollar.