Social responsibility

Social responsibility is very important to us. We were very successful with the Miniatur Wunderland during the last years. For us it's self-evident to return something. We support a number of organisations and projects. Principally, we support organisations, which attend to children. 

Here three examples of different ways of our engagement:

  • We support the donation Vermisste Kinder e.V. on the Day of missing children which they organise yearly on the 25th of May.  
  • The Aktion Deutschland hilft e.V. has been supported by us through various activities. For example, the three owner Gerrit, Frederik and Stephan have done private tours through the Wunderland for one week for the benefit of the victims of the Tsunami.

Moreover, we come up with different ideas every year with which we want to create awareness and collect money for the work of the charitable organisations. Here two examples:

Ebay Charity auction (Donation amount: approx. 30,000 Euros and 10,000,000 TV contacts) In Wunderland's Tecino we have auctioned with ebay five real estates for the benefit of the following organisations:

PIN action: Every month we release a PIN of our collection with a detail scene of our exhibit. The WHOLE revenues (including the production costs!!!) are donated to charity. Every month to a different organisation. You find more information under Donation PINs. 

You can buy our donation PINs seperately or as a collection in our Onlineshop.  Click here to get to the PINs in our Onlineshop (in German)