Modelling in the Wunderland

The Miniatur Wunderland differs in many cases from any other large layout, not only as far as detailing and work effort are concerned. On the other hand, the Wunderland can never reach the detailing level that is found on some 10 sqm home layouts that have been pampered for 40 years or more.

The following text by Gerhard Dauscher – chief modeller in the Wunderland describes what makes the Wunderland stand out from the modeller’s perspective.  

Modelling in the Wunderland from Gerhard Dauscher’s point of view

In the Wunderland, not only the layout surface is used for building but also the fascia has been discovered as a modelling area. Many ideas, like for instance a mine, metro station, dripstone caves, a vault, Atlantis, Area 51, etc. are on eyelevel of children. In the Scandinavian section, you don’t need a mask to dive into the ocean. A plexiglas pane in the fascia lets you see the ocean ground of the real water basin.

Buildings located directly at the layout’s edge show the life behind the façade because there is no wall that blocks the view. Private homes, workshops, and industrial businesses show exactly what is needed to keep life going on.

There are „transportation routes on all levels“ with all kinds of vehicles in the Wunderland. To name a few: a mine train, the metro (U-Bahn), the tram, the logging railroad, the ICE -  high speed track, municipal roads, county roads, highways, ship routes, the port, the ocean, gliders,  a hot-air balloon, a turboprop-plane, a jet, but also an UFO. And the best thing is that all these vehicles are in motion!

Liebespaar im Sonnenblumenfeld

Not everything is seen at first glance in the Wunderland – many things are only seen at a second look! Just like being on a treasure hunt, many surprises want to be discovered. Step treads have been mounted to the railings to enable the visitor to keep an overview. Many details which hide in backlots, behind trees, or amidst a sunflower-field, can be seen from a bird’s eye perspective.

And who doesn’t know the “tunnel view”!? Looking at the high speed track through a tunnel in the Wunderland, you can watch the ICE-train approaching full speed from a distance of 15 meters.

Converting a palette of steel, wood, and plaster into a mountain that looks convincingly real needs a lot of research, fotos and geological maps. The visitor must be able to feel and see the kind of rock which means that every square inch of “stone” is laboriously handcarved using self-developed tools. Up to six layers of paint convert this excellent craftsmanship into a foto-realistic mountain massif.

About 6.6 billion people live on earth and achieve good and evil alike. The Wunderland team members observe their environment very closely and collect almost everything from their daily lives. Accordingly, the figures in the Wunderland act like their human archetypes. All aspects of life, from birth to death, are present – even the question of extra-terrestrial life is discussed. One actually sees what a Wunderlander is doing “just now”; the clear expression in gesture and mimic lets the visitor recognize every mood in the figures’s faces. It is this realism where daily life is shown. It could well be that you meet yourself in the Wunderland!  

Tips & Tricks

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