Guided Tours behind the Scenes

If you always wanted to see the Wunderland from a different perspective, understand how everything works and discover lots of hidden details, then a guided tour is exactly right for you.

Multiple times a day we offer guided tours behind the scenes of the Wunderland, with a maximum capacity of 6 persons per group. You can easily book a tours through this website.

Important information:
Most of our tours are in German, but we try to offer English tours on a regular basis. If however we do not offer an English tour on the day you would like to visit, please give us a call or write us an e-mail and we will try to arrange a tour for you.

We only offer the following tours in English:
Behind the Scenes - 60 mins.
Airport, Switerland & Italy - 60 mins.

If you have already booked a guided tour, you do not need to wait to enter the exhibition. You simply only need to purchase a normal ticket at one of the cash desks and thus avoid any waiting times.

Important notes:
You can reserve or book the ticket directly though this website. Your reservation is binding, but you can cancel it up to two hours in advance online or by telephone. The link for cancellation will be sent to you along with your reservation confirmation via e-mail.

You should be at the Miniatur Wunderland at least 45 minutes prior to the start of your tour, unless the tour starts directly after morning opening time. If you have booked a tour, you do not need to reserve or buy an admission ticket in advance. You can buy your ticket on the day of your tour at one of our cash desks.

Due to space restrictions (maintenance aisles are quite narrow) we are unfortunately unable to allow persons with a wide girth (some aisles are only about 34 cm wide). Restrictions may also apply to impaired people, especially to those with limited mobility. Persons with pacemakers unfortunately have to sit out on a small part of the tour, due to magnetic fields. Our staff reserves the right to make individual assessments on an individuals’ participation on the tour.


Call +49 (0)40 - 300 6 80 - 0 for more information and booking!