Behind the Scenes of the Miniatur Wunderland – 60 minutes

Tour structure:

After a small introduction by your guide, you will head straight through the Rocky Mountains to our America section. Here your guide will show you one of our staging yards and will explain how they work. You will be amazed of how many trains are actually situated here in hiding. Following the delightful lights of Las Vegas at night, you will proceed to our large Scandinavia Section. You will not only be able to enjoy different seasons, the huge water basin and its ships, but will also learn everything about our car system. Your guide will show you how the cars travel and recharge completely independently in detail. Via the maintenance aisles you will make your way through Hamburg to Knuffingen, experiencing hidden stories and details developed by our creative model builders, ending up in our one of a kind Knuffingen airport. You will walk directly behind the runway and into the clouds, where all of the technical finesse is hidden out of sight. The tour will come to an end at Neuschwanstein Castle after 60 minutes. 

60 minutes

Group size:
6 persons max. 

Special Note

In general, guided tours are in German language. If you would like to book or join a guided tour in English, please, contact us by email info(at), or phone: +49 (0) 40 300 680-0. We will do our best to schedule an English speaking guide at the date and time desired!