Airport, Switzerland & Italy Special - 60 minutes

Tour structure:

The tour will start at our control station on the fourth floor. From there you will follow our guide to the largest car charging station, where you will receive a short explanation on how they work. After that you will proceed to one of the Wunderland’s highlights, Knuffingen Airport. You will walk along the backside of the runway and through the clouds to the area of the aircraft-lift, which links the runway level of the layout with the three lower staging and airplane exchange levels. Via a small staircase and after putting on a helmet the tour takes you underneath the Swiss mountains. Here you will discover the large staging areas and watch trains travelling next to and above your head. Next stop is Bella Italia, our newest section. Witness the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and marvel at all of the technical finesse and detail. Here again you will be able to enjoy unusually large staging areas, where you will discover the one or the other hidden detail. Then you will enjoy the picturesque Italian scenery travelling from the Amalfi Coast, via South Tirol to the Toscana. 

60 minutes

Group size:
6 persons max. 

Special Note

In general, guided tours are in German language. If you would like to book or join a guided tour in English, please, contact us by email info(at), or phone: +49 (0) 40 300 680-0. We will do our best to schedule an English speaking guide at the date and time desired!