The Wunderland in Numbers

The Wunderland is hard to describe in words. There are only so many times you can say 'big!', 'amazing!', 'detailed!', etc. So, here you can find a brief chart with Miniatur Wunderland related facts that aren't only interesting to die hard model builders.

General Wunderland Facts

  After final construction phase 2020 Current Summer 2010
Leased Floorspace 10,000 m² 6,400 m²
Model Area over 2,300 m² 1,300 m²
Construction Areas 12 8
Track Length approx. 20,000 Meters 13,000 Meters
Trains approx. 1,300 approx. 930
Wagons 20,000 over 14,450
Longest Train 14.51 Meters 14.51 Meters
Signals 1,900 1,270
Switches 4,000 3,050
Computers 64 46
Lights over 500,000 approx. 335,000
Buildings and Bridges 6,000 3,660
Figurines 400,000 215,000
Cars 10,000 8,850
Trees 330,000 228,000
Work Hours approx. 850,000 580,000
Staff 300 230
Construction Cost approx. 20,000,000 € 12,000,000 €

Completed Sections

The Miniatur Wunderland grows steadily. There are currently 8 complete construction areas.

Here are a few facts about the existing sections:

1st - 3rd Section Harz, Knuffingen, and Austria

Highlights: Beautiful landscapes, revolutionary Car system with fire engines actually operating. Beautiful Alps with functional lifts. A large carnival, a very long highspeed route for the ICE-train, and much more.

Construction Phase December 2000 - August 2001
Model Area approx. 300 m²
Track Length 3,000 meters
Trains 230
Wagons 2,400
Signals 220
Switches 450
Computers 11
Lights approx. 70,000
Buildings and Bridges 850
Figurines 40,000
Cars 1,000
Trees 70,000
Work Hours approx. 60,000

4th Section Hamburg and the coast

Highlights: Busy train operation, unique city with Hamburg’s landmarks such as St. Michaels Church (Michel), Imtec  Arena (with 12,000 figures), Köhlbrandbridge, St. Pauli Landungsbrücken (harbour piers), Historic warehouse district, the harbour, Hagenbecks Zoo and so on…

Construction Phase 1st November 2001 - 22nd November 2002
Model Area approx. 200 m²
Track Length 2,600 meters
Trains 190
Wagons 2,200
Signals 260
Switches 550
Computers 9
Lights approx. 60,000
Buildings and Bridges 1,000
Figurines 50,000
Cars 1,300
Trees 15,000
Work Hours approx. 95,000

5th Section America

Highlights: Grand Canyon, Las Vegas with its more than 30,000 lights, the Rocky Mountains, the amazing Carsystem with American fire engines, Miami, the Everglades, Area 51, Cape Canaveral, Pueblo villages, logging camps and so on…

Construction Phase January 2003 - 08th December 2003
Model Area approx. 100 m²
Track Length 1,400 meters
Trains 140
Wagons 2,800
Signals 120
Switches 300
Computers 6
Lights approx. 70,000
Buildings and Bridges 450
Figurines 30,000
Cars 800
Trees 30,000
Work Hours approx. 80,000

6th Section Scandinavia

Highlights: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Real water, Northern lights, high and low tide, Artic Sea, moose, navigating ships and snow…

Construction Phase July 2004 - July 2005
Model Area approx. 300 m²
Track Length 2,000 meters
Trains 150
Wagons 2,950
Signals 300
Switches 600
Computers 7
Lights approx. 50,000
Buildings and Bridges 500
Figurines 40,000
Cars 600
Ship 16
Trees 50,000
Water 30,000 liters
Work Hours approx. 105,000

7th Section Switzerland

This section was the most demanding from a modeller's point of view. The 5-6 meters high summits of Switzerland's Alps loom through a 100 sqm large hole in the ceiling. Trains snake through stunning canyons to the third floor, where the bulk of the Switzerland Alps is emerging. On a twined metal staircaise which leads through the inner of the Alps passing stalactite caves and grottos, you will reach the new floor. Here you have an astonishing view on the mountains whose peaks vanish in the clouds (ceiling :-)). Ticino will only be a few steps away from there. With its characteristic landscape and lake it will definitely be a very special part in the Wunderland world. Not only Ticino will be built in Wunderland, but 3 cantons in total will be established in Wunderland's Switzerland.  

Many different features have been installed in the area of the three cantons such as a functioning chocolate factory and an open air festival featuring DJ Bobo.

Work on our "Mini"-Switzerland started in October 2005 and the modelling team of Gerhard Dauscher worked almost day and night. Finally, on November 12th 2007, our Switzerland was inaugurated with a great ceremony.

Construction Phase October 2005 - End 2007
Model Area 250 m²
Track Length approx. 3,000 Meters
Trains 180
Wagons 3,500
Signals 300
Switches 600
Computers 7
Lights approx. 45,000
Buildings and Bridges 700
Figurines 50,000
Cars 1,000
Trees 50,000
Work Hours 110,000

8th Section: Airport

The 150 sqm large airport, located in the middle of the Alps, is a big technical challenge. Since May 2004, already, the technology is being developed to find a solution for a realistic simulation of takeoffs and landings. The Airport has been opened in May 2011. Besides the simulation for takeoff and landing, there is a large advanced Carsystem which moves not only vehicles, but also airplanes. The Airport is the largest model airport and is technically as groundbreaking as the Carsystem. More information, Picures, and videos, you will find in Gerrits' Diary. 

9th Section: Italy

Bordering France and the Swiss Alps, we'll build Italy. Luckily, we were able to acquire 800 sqm rental space last winter, so we'll drop the bistro area down from the 3rd to the 2nd floor. Thus, most of the 3rd floor will be available for further sections. Italy will get about 100 sqm, where we plan to place highlights such as Venice, Roma, Pisa or Tuscany.

Table: 9 Italy

Construction Phase: Beginning 2013 - ca. spring 2016
Model Area: approx. 190 m²
Work Hours: approx. 140,000 Hours
Track Length: 2,200 Meters
Trains: 110
Wagons: 800
Signals: 110
Switches: 404
Computers: 4
Lights (LED): approx. 50,000
Buildings and Bridges: 450
Figures 30,000
Cars: 400
Trees: 10,000
Construction Phase June 2005 - May 2011
Model Area 150 m²
Track Length 1,000 Meters
Trains 40
Wagons 600
Signals 70
Switches 150
Computers 6
Lights approx. 40,000
Buildings and Bridges 75
Figurines 15,000
Cars 4,500 (4,000 of these in parking decks)
Trees 6,000
Work Hours approx. 130,000
costs 3,500,000 €  

Sections under construction

There are open-to-view workshops and construction areas in Miniatur Wunderland. This means that you can actually see our modellers and technicians work on new parts, and you can better understand how much effort we put into this exhibit.

Future Sections

We already have new construction plans until 2020, and we have many more ideas for other building projects. It is certain that we will build Italy and France after having finished the construction of the airport. After that there are different options available. Presently our favourites are Africa, England or a futuristic landscape. Here are some facts and figures for the two sections following the Airport:

10th. Section France

On the 3rd floor, our 10th section will start with the southern most point of Ticino. The French Mediterranean coast with highlights such as St. Tropez and Monaco will be constructed here. Currently, we are discussing whether to build further into the inland, and also whether to build Paris. It is a question of available space , as always!

Construction Phase Spring 2011 - Spring 2012
Model Area 130 m²
Track Length 3,000 Meters
Trains 60
Wagons 600
Signals 120
Switches 250
Computers 4
Lights approx. 30,000
Buildings and Bridges 500
Figurines 14,000
Cars 500
Trees 10,000
Work Hours approx. 100,000
Construction Phase Summer 2011 - Fall 2012
Model Area approx. 130 m²
Track Length 1,500 Meters
Trains 100
Wagons 1,500
Signals 200
Switches 400
Computers 4
Lights approx. 30,000
Buildings and Bridges 500
Figurines 30,000
Cars 1,000
Trees 10,000
Work Hours approx. 90,000