Our Philosophy

Many people may think of us more as crazy hobbyists than as entrepreneurs. On the contrary, we are responsible for more than 150 employees that expect from us a secure working future. We try our best to balance out the roles enthusiastic hobbyists and responsible entrepreneurs - this is a main part of our philosophy. We are convinced that these two contrasts are complementary and not mutually exclusive. We don’t want to run a business which only concentrates on economic figures and whose aim is solely to make profits, nor do we want to run a heartless and boring profit-machine.

For us, being entrepreneurs means having the possibility to realize and live one’s dreams. The Miniatur Wunderland was our daydream which we are able to live now,  and just like in a daydream we are able to influence the further development by our actions.

Of course we want to earn money with the Miniatur Wunderland. However, the aim of profit, on the contrary to most other companies, will never dominate our actions. For us, people are more important than money. People and employees aren’t factors and figures in our balance sheets, but unique individuals with different qualities and characters. Exactly this attitude is transparent on every single square meter of Wunderland’s ground. When building new sections, we only set the basic frame and then our employees can work independently within it. After 500,000 working hours the Wunderland is full of numerous lovely details which can’t be completely recognized by the visitors’ eyes. Moreover, we are actively working in all divisions and don’t just delegate from our desks.

Consultants would probably pronounce us crazy and would say that we could built the same exhibit with the same number of trains and figures with only half of the employees in half of the time. However, in our opinion the Wunderland wouldn’t be the Wunderland anymore. The love and attention to detail would be lost and we wouldn’t be able to tell our employees and visitors that the Wunderland is our dream which we dive into every morning again.

We hope to be able to keep on dreaming for a long time and can prove to others that even a business environment that needs not to be run like a machine, providing it has a balance of creativity and fun to match the economic logic.

Gerrit and Frederik Braun

The Miniatur Wunderland helps and supports many benevolent institutions. Here a choice of projects and organisation which are supported by the Miniatur Wunderland. Here you'll find more information about our social responsibility...