The Harz Fun Fair

Nächtlicher Blick auf Bad Klosterberg

The inhabitants of Wunderland’s Harz are commonly known as happy and party-ready people. Therefore it’s not surprising that the Wunderland’s largest fair is located in the Harz.

People are enjoying themselves on rides 365 days per year. Extremely popular attractions are the big ferris wheel, the free-fall-tower and the Wild Mouse ride. All of the reproduced rides are fully functional, and five of the fairground rides can be started by pushing the action button at the railing.

Each ride posed a challenge as the products commercially available are not produced for long-term usage. That is why Wunderland’s rides are equipped with self-developed motors, special bearings and metal gears.

Besides the rides themselves, the colourful sea of lights is also impressive. In total, 4,811 LEDs have been installed, all of which can be controlled individually. You find more information to this topic under Light Control.

Photos of the Harz section

You can find lots of photos of the Harz area in our photo gallery.