About America

Santa Fe an den Wasserfällen

The American section was opened in 2003, and strikingly, its surface is smaller than that of its neighbour Hamburg. However, it is'nt any less interesting. The metropolis of Las Vegas, a paradise for gamblers in the desert, is the most luminous spot in Wunderland. More than 1/10 of all lights (over 300.000) installed throughout Wunderland – about 30,000, are located in this world-famous city.

But America has more breathtaking landscapes to offer. The Keys and Cape Canaveral directly pass into Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon is only separated by a highway from Mount Rushmore and Yosemite Park. The United States of Wunderland are, compared to other areas, not very big, however they are full of attractions.



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History of the Wunderland

Frederik Braun and his then-girlfriend and today's wife were visiting the alpine city of Zurich in July 2000. Sauntering together through the alleys of Zurich's town center, they came across a railway model shop, which at once evoked childhood memories in Frederik.

During the following hours, the idea of realizing the long forgotten childhood dream became more and more mature. 

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