Wunderland in 5 Minutes

Many visitors show up early in the morning and leave in the very last minute, only to come back next morning. Miniatur Wunderland cannot be explored in a couple of minutes. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to show you Wunderland in a 5 minute movie, but we can at least give you some impressions:

The Wunderland in 5 minutes

Comments (guest)

schrieb am 14.12.2011 um 17:16 Uhr
This is the most amazing project I have ever seen. What imagination! Hooray to this team of wonderful folks!

schrieb am 14.12.2011 um 19:09 Uhr
wOW that was awesome!

schrieb am 14.12.2011 um 19:11 Uhr
Railroad exhibit gone wild!

schrieb am 14.12.2011 um 20:04 Uhr
Great display. It should be followed and updated on a regular basis.

schrieb am 14.12.2011 um 22:15 Uhr
One of the most amazing things I've ever seen.

schrieb am 15.12.2011 um 02:02 Uhr
I am so happy a good friend sent me this marvel of the ingenuity of man. I will certainly save it on file and sent it to others to enjoy. Merry Christmas to all of you around the world!

schrieb am 15.12.2011 um 04:30 Uhr
Best lay-out I have ever seen.
Only wish I could see it up front and personal.
Love it ALL

schrieb am 15.12.2011 um 09:42 Uhr
wonderful!! only german technology and german brains can create such things.

schrieb am 15.12.2011 um 11:40 Uhr
Vielen dank an Sie Beide und ich wünsche weiterhin viel Erfolg und das Sie das Beenden was Sie sich vorgestellt haben.
Alles Gute für die Zukunft. super weiter so!!!!!!!!!!!!!

schrieb am 15.12.2011 um 15:15 Uhr

The old version

The old version of this video can you find here: The Wunderland in 4 Minutes.

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