Wunderland in 5 Minutes

Many visitors show up early in the morning and leave in the very last minute, only to come back next morning. Miniatur Wunderland cannot be explored in a couple of minutes. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to show you Wunderland in a 5 minute movie, but we can at least give you some impressions:

The Wunderland in 5 minutes

Comments (guest)

schrieb am 03.11.2013 um 03:58 Uhr

schrieb am 08.11.2013 um 09:35 Uhr
Wow,out of this world! Well done!!!

schrieb am 09.11.2013 um 17:15 Uhr
This is awesome German engineering now I'm going to buy me a Mercedes car real soon!

Check out the old 4 minute version too!

schrieb am 13.11.2013 um 18:09 Uhr
Absolute Amazing. What a great job

schrieb am 19.11.2013 um 11:30 Uhr
It´s awesome ! I never seen something like this !

schrieb am 21.11.2013 um 01:26 Uhr
I can't wait to come and see it
LIVE on my trip to Europe in May
2014! Outstanding!!!

schrieb am 29.11.2013 um 08:27 Uhr
This is absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see it myself. I think my nephew and I will start saving to come visit you next year. Thank you for your creativity and for sharing it with us all!

schrieb am 30.11.2013 um 00:06 Uhr
Ces deux frères sont des génies. Comme j'aimerais voir en réel. Je vous salue bien bas Messieurs.

schrieb am 30.11.2013 um 00:16 Uhr
Aucun terme n'est assez fort : fabuleux, gigantesque, magnifique,extraordinaire.....
Grand Bravo Messieurs les "GENIES FRERES".

schrieb am 07.12.2013 um 16:27 Uhr
Really amazing and breath taking experience! Restore your faith in humans - eventually not capable only for killing but for creating beauty as well

The old version

The old version of this video can you find here: The Wunderland in 4 Minutes.

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