Wunderland in 5 Minutes

Many visitors show up early in the morning and leave in the very last minute, only to come back next morning. Miniatur Wunderland cannot be explored in a couple of minutes. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to show you Wunderland in a 5 minute movie, but we can at least give you some impressions:

The Wunderland in 5 minutes

Comments (guest)

schrieb am 13.12.2011 um 03:18 Uhr
Muito lindo, inacreditável perfeição, parabens aos criadores e construtores.

schrieb am 13.12.2011 um 15:57 Uhr
I didn't see any "Occupy Hamburg or Fankfurt gathering. Just kidding. Very Impressive

schrieb am 13.12.2011 um 18:58 Uhr
i am amazed and very proud to have been able to see it. i will keep it in file to let others see it. thanks

schrieb am 13.12.2011 um 19:11 Uhr
I used to live in Hamburg and would love to go back and visit WUNDERLAND.

schrieb am 13.12.2011 um 19:51 Uhr
If this doesn't bring an amazing smile, nothing will.

schrieb am 14.12.2011 um 00:07 Uhr
what a waste of time and money

schrieb am 14.12.2011 um 10:38 Uhr
Unbelievable, can't imagine the actual man hours and "cost" to put all this together. This is absolutely amazing and Kudos to the makers of the 8th wonder of the world.

schrieb am 14.12.2011 um 15:21 Uhr
This is MEGA COOL!

schrieb am 14.12.2011 um 16:42 Uhr
This was truly AMAZING . . .

schrieb am 14.12.2011 um 17:04 Uhr
Most extraordinary. This is the work of geniuses. It makes one feel happy to see, and feel, this work of art, and electronic engineering

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The old version of this video can you find here: The Wunderland in 4 Minutes.

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